Claudius’s aunt Llydia held the position of prime seer in the sister kingdom of Dash’ir. She was sold at an early age to the then king Illigon and forced to work with the kingdoms chief strategist Korun who used her scying skills to help plot his attacks well in advance of what would normally be possible. She endured a cruel and demeaning existence until she started to learn the ways of the reapers thanks to years of searching the kingdoms library, and finding hidden gems the king obviously knew nothing about.

For a solid year she kept the kingdoms inhabitants alive, teetering on the brink of death with daily torture thanks to her plain-spawn. She held so much power that none could oppose her. She had the king impaled on a large spike in the courtyard, reviving him every now and then so that she could enjoy watching him die when she needed a morale boost.

In the end, it was her own lust for power that was her downfall. One spell too many, designed to be wielded by more powerful beings than a human. Her mind faded away and her body decayed. She awoke in the reapers plains, eager to once again return by any means necessary.