Griswold Smith didn’t listen to people when he was told that opening a tavern on the edges of contested territory was a ‘risky’ business idea. Granted, it wasn’t nearly as dangerous when he first started out and the tainted were further away, but still dangerous none the less. No, Griswold saw opportunity and venture. Where most would turn heel and run after the first hard and torturous years of trade, he carried on and after five years, his hard work had paid off. Not only would he host several successful home brewed ales, but the heads of several towns would regularly visit and pay good coin for advice on how they too could capitalize on their businesses.

His dream of expansion was finally coming to fruition.

He would purchase the brothel on Griswell street, the deal had already been drafted up and ready to go. Then he would invest in the Foot & Tail herbal remedy shop in Clover Bay, an up and coming area despite the plum plague that had wiped out a third of the residents there.