Nobody knows where the golem came from. Though of clear construction, they do not show any affiliation with any faction or province. They appeared roughly seven years after first contact with the green moon and are content with wondering alone doing various tasks which seem important to them but bizarre to the casual observer.

It is rare to see a golem interact with another and when they do, it is nothing more than an acknowledgement of the others presence, then the carry on with whatever they deem to be the task at hand, which could range from studying the local fauna or asking any human (that are not terrified enough to run away) strange questions.

Several attempts have been made to salvage the wreckage of a golem, but to this date, there haven’t been any on record. During the four-friar war in which four hundred thousand soldiers were killed, a golem marched across the battlefield. Each realm assumed one of the other had managed to strike an agreement with the golem and released the newly invented artillery to bombard it for more than five minutes. As the smoke dissipated, it sustained no damage and continued on its way to the other side of the battle and sunset. The armies scratched their heads for a time, then promptly continued to kill each other.

How Gillgam managed to get a golem to join his mercenary group is hotly debated.