Banshee’s like Shale are not widely used in battle often. Although quite deadly when they attack, their mind is only half in the realm of the living and as such get distracted by things that would normally pass anyone else by. This might be a person or an object, but is usually a memory or a thought that followed them from their life.

In her prime, Shale was crowned the most beautiful woman in her village and enjoyed the attention it brought her, much to the dismay of her husband who was sick and tired of the other men gaping at her. In a jealous outburst, he tied Shale to the attic of their humble house and left her there for two days.

On the third day, he quarreled with the local baron who put him to death, his land was confiscated and his house burned down. No one checked to see if anyone was home when they set it on fire and Shale died as horribly as her husband.

Full of rage and carrying an unrivalled sense of injustice, her final scream begged for vengeance and in her dying breath, she was greeted by the sisterhood of the Banshee.